Art of Pysanky Egg Decorating

Age: 11* – Adult
Dates: Saturday, April 16th
Time: 3:00-5:00pm
Cost: $30
Level: Beginner

This is a particularly special class as Easter approaches and to learn and preserve a Ukrainian tradition.

Pysanky (better known as Ukrainian Easter eggs) are a traditional art form. They are made using a wax resist method where beeswax is applied or “written” using a stylus (kistka) to an egg and then the egg is dyed progressively darker. Each time a color is added, wax is then applied to protect the portion of the egg that will have that color. After the final dye is applied, all the wax is then melted off to reveal the final design.

Eggs are often decorated using traditional patterns, motifs and symbols. Typically eggs are decorated around Easter time and are a part of other traditions of the season. Students of this class will learn some of the history of this art as well as have a chance to write at least one egg.

*old enough to focus, follow instructions, and carefully paint a fragile (real) egg shell.