Farm and Hive

Susie Goodspeed of Inkom, ID

Susie started as a backyard beekeeper about 10 years ago after learning of the benefits of having raw local honey as well as wanting to do more to not only help the bees but become more self sufficient. After finding her dream boat, they continued the dream. The knowledge of where the food we consumes comes from, how it’s treated and processed is a vital part of our family mantra.¬†

What started as backyard bees soon blossomed into a few extra jars of honey for neighbors, a few honey and beeswax products like lip balm and then a 3 year study on reusable Beeswax Food wraps. We love anything and everything bee. We outgrew our suburban plot and now have a 5+ acre hobby farm in south Utah County, Utah. Surrounded by majestic mountains, fruit orchards and alfalfa fields, we branched out even more to welcome the farming life. We raise very small amounts of the most happy and healthy meat you can buy, Beef, Lamb, Goat, Pork and Eggs. We try and bring the most organic, simple, and freshest products from our farm to your home.

We specialize in honey extraction for small beekeepers. Taking the sting and sticky out of their experience ensures that they will continue their craft and vital partnership with bees. 

A large part of our farm is our Native bees such as the Blue Orchard Mason Bee and Garden Leafcutter Bee. These non-stinging super pollinators are many times more affordable and easy to maintain for families than honeybees. We are experts in the area and love to share the joy of these simple Native Bees.

In early 2019, we were able to install a 10′ x 20′ shed we lovingly call the “Bee Barn” where we offer monthly classes, self serve honor system access to the best local farm products we produce and it serves as  a great host spot for our monthly “Farm Days” where you can take a class applicable to the season, your the farm, let the kids roam, go into the field and love on all our animals or just snag some honey goodness. Farm days are always free and very family oriented. 

We hope  you will visit our farm and feel the peace and beauty of our amazing slice of heaven.