Packer Pottery

Norris Packer of Pleasant Grove, Utah

Norris has been throwing pottery for over 30 years and has made over 20,000 works of pottery. He sells his pottery regularly at trade shows, farmers markets, on Kickstarters and on his website.

He has been teaching pottery for over 17 years and considers it one of his greatest joys.

Norris Packer’s ceramics can be described as beautifully functional and serene. He strives to create your favorite things. Useful and pleasing for a peaceful moment to yourself, a shared snack between friends, or a family meal that brings everyone together!

Signature glazes are multi-layered in naturally composed rich colors, elevate the form making each piece as beautiful as it is useful. Each piece is thoughtfully created, burned and colored by fire and time along with exceptional attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to quality.

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