Utah’s Dancing Bees Apiary

I fell into beekeeping in 2017 as a back yard hobbyist. I absorbed the information like a sponge and wanted to ensure local backyard beekeepers were successful and hives would thrive throughout the seasons in Utah. I became a mentor and president of Weber County Beekeepers Association by my second season, serving as president from 2018-2021. I served as the Weber County swarm coordinator from 2017-2022, by accepting incoming calls for swarms and dispatching a local beekeeper to collect them. 

I have helped manage over 100 hives. My kids have helped with beekeeping since they were each one years old. 

I only harvest what is considered extra honey, and ensure our hives have over 100 pounds of honey each fall to survive winters here. 

It takes one honeybee her entire life of 30-45 days to create 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey.

I started with one hive, and over the seasons rescued some swarms or hives that were established in trees and houses that needed removal. Each swarm or cut out colony is established into a hive in a new apiary. We treat and tend our colonies through the March-October season to ensure they are healthy and thriving.

I use a commercial licensed kitchen to harvest our honey. I remove the capping and spin the frames so the combs remain in tact and the frames can be returned to the bees without the need of them drawing new comb. I harvest apiaries separately to keep the unique differences of honey color and flavors. Some frames are noticeably lighter or darker in color than others and will be harvested separately as well.

Our bees travel and forage off plants within a 3-5 mile radius of their hive. We do not have mono-cropping to state our honey is a specific type of honey. Simply put our honey is Wild Flower honey. Honey in the earlier spring is lighter compared to honey that is produced in the fall. Moisture, heat and the plants that bloom during the different time of year are major factors in what the honey looks and tastes like. We sometimes add fresh home grown sweet mint to our honey to infuse a natural flavor. 

In addition to honey and beekeeping mentoring, I teach a class on making your own mead at Ogden City Brew Supply. I teach the process of a simple home brew mead with a hands on workshop. 

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